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corporate events and teambuildings

About us

Choice of a reliable partner for a corporate event or teambuilding - matter that requires real hard effort and time, which is never enough. Choosing us, you can not worry about the quality and level of your event.

During 7 years “B-Leader”, llp has organized the best events on Kazakhstan’s market, we have an excellent understanding of the specifics of the services we represent. Extensive experience in implementing a wide variety of event-tasks, the command of the high-qualified professionals and a scrupulous approach to all details - that is what makes us the best in the business. We conduct holidays for companies, keeping in mind the fact that the higher level of these events the higher image and success of the companies. We will surprise you with an unusual approach, because B-Leader - creative community of people able to look at the problem of corporate celebrations from a new angle, we go beyond the usual.

Why we are the best

Event organization is our strong point
Our huge experience - more than 7 years, it guarantees you a partner with debugged business processes. The work will be done in time, precisely according to plan, using only the most reliable technologies
We always develop exclusive and extraordinary corporate event scenario
We work with professionals in their sphere - the best artists, presenters, psychologists, entertainers, sports instructors, coachers, tutors
We organize delicious meals. On our buffets and banquets are served creative dishes
We choose the best places for you and thoroughly approach to the issue of their decoration
We set up professional lighting and acoustic equipment, make WOW-effects
We ourselves organize the whole event on turnkey basis from the transfer and ending with banquet. You do not need to take care of anything
We are reliable. Among our clients - the largest domestic companies: KATKO, KazRosGas, PetroKazakhstan, Biken-YU, Karatau and others.

Types of corporate events

We are ready to organize for your company any type of corporate event on turnkey basis, from international conferences till teambuilding. Absolutely everything - choice of presenter, musical and visual support, decorating, logistics and coordination of attendants - we take under controll.

  • 1Corporate events abroad
  • 2Corporate Events / Teambuilding outdoors
  • 3Sportive corporate events / teambuilding
  • 4Corporate holidays celebration
  • 5Summer corporate events
  • 6New Year's corporate party
  • 8Thematic corporate events

Corporate events abroad

Corporate event abroad - an event that is included in the company's history for a long time, the memories of which cheer up the staff in the most gray monotonous routine. Corporate events abroad demonstrate care of the employer about the personnel, increasing motivation, loyalty and dedication.

  • Silicon Valley
  • Malaysia
  • China
  • Italy
  • European tour

and others

Corporate Events / Teambuilding outdoors

Take a break from the concrete jungle of your office! Take forces for the successful solution of your problems at work! Corporate events in the open air - are the most popular among office employees. This is an opportunity to change the environment, analyze completed tasks and set new goals. Positive cooperative outdoor activities help to establish cordial relations with colleagues, raising the team spirit in the organization. Company B-Leader does not offer standard solutions and beaten formats, on the contrary, we aim to surprise participants of the event, even if it is a traditional picnic. Your event will be memorable and unique.

  • Fifth Element.
  • Battle for Pandora! (Based on the movie AVATAR)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Sherlock Holmes. Detective Story.
  • Kin-Dza-Dza.

and a lot of others

Sportive corporate events / teambuilding

Sport - a great helper in collective cohesion. The spirit of competition, the adrenaline and excitement produced during the competition, give colleagues positive energy, improve mood and physical health. In a game way employees learn to work as a team, on the side people with leadership tendencies come to light, the psychological climate in the team improves, the sense of social responsibility develops. Employees begin to perceive each other differently, projecting established during the sportive event relationships on their workflow. Our experts with years of experience in organizing such tournaments will consider all the details, take care of the health and safety of employees. We will make sure that you can get the most out of a corporate event for your business.

  • Olympics
  • Cheerful starts

Corporate holidays’ celebration

Beautiful, interesting and competently conducted corporate celebration is an image component for every self-respecting company. Organization of corporate celebrations is a complicated multi-step process. Before you conduct a celebration you would need to clearly define the purpose and outline the scope of objectives to be solved. Corporate event must demonstrate the power and strength of the company, emphasize the care of the employees, rally the team, strengthen the corporate spirit. Great experience and the knowledge together with opportunities allow us to organize events of any complexity on a high professional level.

  • New year party
  • The 8th of March Celebration
  • The 23rd of February Celebration
  • Nauryz
  • Anniversary of the company
  • Tarantino Party
  • Academy Awards

and a lot of others

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